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The NHSTE/Microsoft Consortium offers our members two (2) options for discounted purchases of Microsoft products:

  1. The Academic Select Agreement is for regular purchases of one or more licenses of any MS product. To participate in this agreement, contact your GovConnection Account Manager for a free annual enrollment form.
  2. The new EES Agreement replaces what used to be a School Agreement, and is a subscription model under which you pay an annual fee to license your entire organization for any current version of Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, or Office. Unlike the School Agreement, which was priced per computer; the EES Agreement is priced per FTE (full-time employee).

EES Agreement Program Details:

This program is open to any independent or public school / district in New Hampshire who holds a NHSTE membership. Memberships are free and available on this website.

There are two EES options, and the links below outline the difference between the products included in each of the options. BOTH options include Windows desktop operating systems, Microsoft Office, and Windows Servers, as well as Exchange and Sharepoint. The Enterprise CAL covers additional server products such as Forefront, Lync, or Systems Center.

  1. Desktop Core CAL
  2. Enterprise CAL

DEC 1 EES_Program Overview
Desktop Options

The “Desktop Options” document contains the MSRP - by pooling the buying power of multiple districts, we have achieved "Level B" pricing and our actual pricing is quite a bit lower than this. Please contact your GovConnection Account Manager for specific pricing. Server and server software CALs are included, but the server OS and server product (Sharepoint, Exchange, etc.) base software must also be purchased each year.

Licensing is per full-time-employee (FTE). Remember that you count full-time knowledge-worker employees (i.e., not custodians or kitchen staff who never touch a computer or email). It is your choice whether to license paraprofessionals or teacher's aides, depending on the degree to which they use  computers, email, and technology.

  • Full-time employees = 1.0 FTE
  • Half-time teachers = 1/3  FTE
  • Half-time staff = 1/2 FTE

Please contact: your GovConnection Account Manager at 1-800-800-0019 (Weekdays, 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST)

Christopher Guerrette, GovConnection Account Manager for NHSTE, (800) 800-0019 x33340, cguerrette@govconnection.com  

or Pam McLeod , NHSTE Microsoft Chair, (603) 225-0811

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