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New Hampshire educators sharing the ways technology transforms teaching and learning.

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Listservs / Groups

NHSTE sponsors several Listservs/Google Groups to promote communication among its members. Not a NHSTE member? You can be one for free (Basic Membership) or for a small cost (Premium Membership).

NHSTE is happy to sponsor the listservs/Google Groups below for the edtech community serving NH. We hope that you feel more connected with like-minded people and find each other as a resource.

DisclaimerPlease confirm with your local IT support or administration that any software or services mentioned in these conversations comply with local and state standards for student data privacy.

What is a Listserv? 

We use Google Groups as our listserv for communicating with other people who have requested to join the same group. This is a tool for you to ask/answer questions, share and communicate with others! Using email, you can send and receive posts pertaining to your topics of interest. You may view and search the archives of posts by going to the group’s webpage. You are also able to manage your account settings to change the frequency of the emails.  

Listservs Available and Descriptions

A.  NHSTE Members’ Group - for all NHSTE members.

This is for all the members of NHSTE. In order to join, you need to be a Basic (free) or Premium Member. This group will be the largest and the greatest variety of members. 

NHSTE members may also join the more specialized groups listed below. 

B. Digital Learning Specialists' Group

This group is for all NHSTE members (free or Premium) geared towards digital learning specialists, tech teachers, learning coaches, etc. 

    C. Tech Coordinators/Directors' Group

    You have all options here: 

    1. Join the digital learning specialists' and members' groups
    2. NHCTO Council has a group list. It is open to members of NHSTE and NHCTO Council who work in a school system. 

      D. NH Learns List

      The NH Learns List is a listserv available for a collaborative group of state-wide organizations focusing on education and communicating with one another.  (Includes NHConnectEd group.)

      E. NH Principals (Must be an administrator.)

      Contact listserv manager at listserv@nhste.org

      Our Protocol

      To ensure listserv members have a positive experience, here are some basic guidelines to help experienced and new members. This document will be sent out periodically to the list as a friendly reminder of proper etiquette.

      • State a clear, concise topic in the subject line to assist members when replying and searching the archives.
      • Please use extreme caution when describing a student related situation. FERPA is the federal law that prohibits the improper disclosure of personally identifiable information.
      • Avoid using auto-responders or auto-replies (ie out of the office messages/vacation) to messages received from the list.
      • Commercial solicitation is prohibited.
      • Be respectful and considerate.

      List Archives

      The archive allows you to go back and view the messages again. It is a helpful tool when looking for a thread of the discussion. To access the archive, go to the group’s webpage if you have bookmarked it or go to groups.google.com and click on the menu item that says My Groups. Click on the name of the group to find its webpage.

      Managing Your Account

      As a member of these groups, you can update/change your settings as needed. You can change your settings to get one email update per day or other timeframe, or get them as they are sent. Take a look around at the settings to see if you want to make any changes that make it more efficient for your needs.


      Please email our Listserv Coordinator, Sheila.

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