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New Hampshire educators sharing the ways technology transforms teaching and learning.

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**To be eligible to receive NHSTE pricing for BrainPOP
subscriptions, you must be a NHSTE member and indicate this on your PO.

BrainPOP Pricing for NHSTE  as of May 19,  2023

until  4/30/2024.

These prices could change during this term.

They usually don't, but they do not make any guarantees as such.

NHSTE Pricing as of May 8, 2021

Subscription Type


BrainPOP Jr. School Access 24/7


BrainPOP School Access 24/7


Combo School Access 24/7


BrainPOP ELL School Access 24/7


 Brainpop Science

You will order directly from Brainpop.

Contact:   Jeff Meyer


      PH: 212-574-6086

Pay by Purchase Order

Accounts Receivable
71 West 23rd Street, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Email:   purchaseorders@brainpop.com


Fax  866.867.6629

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