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New Hampshire educators sharing the ways technology transforms teaching and learning.

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Cutting-edge hardware?

Not as important as a cutting-edge  OS.

An OS for Education

Put your school's older PCs and Macs back to work. With CloudReady, you can turn aging laptops and desktops into fast, secure Chrome devices and easily manage them alongside Chromebooks using the Google Admin console.

Get more out of your existing computers while transitioning to Chromebooks faster with CloudReady—the only operating system designed to help you do both.

Built from the same technology foundation as Chromebooks and Chrome OS, CloudReady is the only way to give new life to your existing PCs and Macs (up to 10 years old) while reaping all the management benefits of the Google Admin console.

Thousands of schools and districts around the world have already modernized their existing computers by installing CloudReady to convert them to Chrome devices. Whether you’re revitalizing unused computer labs or leading a 1:1 initiative, CloudReady is the simple, cost-effective solution that innovative tech directors rely upon to provide the unparalleled speed, simplicity, and security of Chrome OS—on any hardware.

Best of all, that shared architecture means it's as secure and easy to use your CloudReady devices for state testing as Chromebooks.

With CloudReady, your school can:

Transform Old Technology

Tired of poor performance from your school's computers? You're not alone.

Over time, even the best hardware slows down. CloudReady changes that, replacing aging operating systems and heavy local apps with a fast, lightweight OS that won’t ever slow down. In the classroom, that means computers with faster boot times (so class can start on time), increased browsing speed (so teachers can get back to teaching and students can get back to learning), and greater reliability, with minimal disruption.

With CloudReady, classroom technology becomes an enabler—not a blocker.

CloudReady transforms old technology at Lakewood Local School District

Expand the Chromebook Experience

The days of letting computer labs and laptop carts sit idle are now a thing of the past. CloudReady is designed to run on the most common laptops and desktops used in education over the last decade. Revitalize your old hardware and accelerate your technology plans by giving students the same simple and secure computing experience.

If you’re already using Chromebooks, you likely still have Windows computers from before you made the switch. CloudReady can convert those legacy machines to Chrome devices so you can put them back into use while unifying your entire fleet under the Google Admin console.

Reduce Time and Effort

In search of a way to minimize the time your IT team spends on device support and maintenance? CloudReady brings an end to:

  • Device re-imaging
  • Time spent updating computers
  • Worrying about security vulnerabilities due to outdated or unpatched Windows or Mac OS systems
CloudReady is built to be incredibly secure, with the same technology and security foundation as Chromebooks. And just like Chromebooks, CloudReady devices update automatically and seamlessly in the background, so students and teachers can keep working.

Simply use the Google Admin console to put CloudReady computers into Kiosk mode, or configure Public Session mode, and launch testing sites or apps quickly and simply.
See if your computers are CloudReady certified devices

For education & enterprise

Our free trial includes expert tech support and compatibility with the Google Admin console.  


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