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Family Engagement Grant

NHSTE (New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education) is excited to partner with ClassTag to help schools strengthen family communication and engagement through a $50K grant. Through this partnership, schools and districts awarded the grant will receive supplemental funding towards an annual subscription of ClassTag Connect for the 2023-2024 school year.

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Parent communication and engagement are crucial for student success, leading to better attendance, grades, and attitudes towards learning. However, schools and teachers face challenges in this area, including language barriers, time constraints, and limited resources. 

The grant aims to provide schools with a unified and accessible platform to improve parent communication and engagement, increase parental involvement and support, and build stronger partnerships with families, ultimately improving student outcomes and fostering a greater sense of community within the school.

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WWho May Apply?

Any non-profit public or charter school or district leader affiliated with NHSTE, new to ClassTag, and in need of supplemental funding for family engagement may apply for the grant.   APPLY NOW

ClassTag Connect is a unified family communication and engagement platform

for teachers, schools, and districts. ClassTag Connect helps fuel strong family partnerships through accessible and delightful mass communications and two-way messaging in each member’s preferred language and channel. 

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Loved and trusted by more than 25,000 schools.

Increased family engagement by 42%

150+ languages auto-translated.

ClassTag Order Form (hosted by Vita-Learn as part of our Purchasing Consortium) Please be sure to select NHSTE as that is who you will be issuing your PO and payment to for this.

8 channel reach.

Grant Details & FAQ

What benefits does the grant provide?
Grantees will receive supplemental funding towards an annual subscription to ClassTag's premium, school and district-wide solution, ClassTag Connect, for the 2023-2024 school year. Through ClassTag Connect, schools and/or districts will have have access to streamlined mass communications and two-way messaging with auto-translation and multi-channel reach, along with data analytics to help reach more families.

Is there a training component to the grant?
Yes. Each participating school will select a project lead and a small group of teacher and staff champions. These Champion Teams will receive training over the summer to effectively use ClassTag Connect to improve family communication and engagement. The Champion Team is then responsible for training the rest of the school staff on how to use ClassTag, using the resources provided by ClassTag. The expected time commitment for initial onboarding and training is between 4-6 hours throughout the summer months.

How will I be notified?
All applicants will be notified via email regardless if they've been awarded the grant or not.

How do I accept my grant?
Grantees will receive an email confirming the eligibility to receive a grant. Grantees will need to e-sign the terms of service and the grant agreement in a timely manner as the grants are awarded on a first come basis and cannot be guaranteed until accepted.

Is there an ongoing commitment to the grant?
Yes. The project lead and small team of champions will be expected to participate in quarterly check-ins with the ClassTag team. The expected time commitment for ongoing support and check-ins is between 1-3 hours quarterly.

Does ClassTag offer data syncs for rostering?
Yes. ClassTag offers data integration and auto-updates for family contact information and class rostering via Clever, ClassLink, or OneRoster formats. Accounts interested in syncing data using one of these formats will need to meet with the ClassTag team for data quality verification. ClassTag also offers user-friendly manual data uploads and management directly in the platform for accounts that choose not to sync their data.

What is the timeline for the grant?

April - May 2023 //Application opens.

April - May 2023 // Grantees will be notified via email
and accept their grant on a rolling, first-come basis.

May - August 2023 // Grant recipients will participate in ClassTag
back-to-school onboarding & training.

Ongoing 2023 - 2024 // ClassTag will work with recipients and NHSTE
to help get the most out of ClassTag.

June 30, 2024 // Grant officially expires.

Cyndy Currier (NHSTE) - ccurrier@mac.com

Karessa Parish (ClassTag) -karessa@classtag.com

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